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Morel Stream MkII review

Against such strong opposition, the Morel's lethargic subwoofer lets it down Tested at £995.00

Our Verdict

Against such strong opposition, the Morel’s lethargic subwoofer means it can’t muster more than three stars


  • Well-built
  • one pair of stands included
  • detailed satellites
  • good integration


  • Sub lacks pace and detail
  • struggle at loud volume

Morel is one of the lesser-known brands in the UK, but the Israeli company has plenty of pedigree, being highly regarded for the manufacturer of tweeters, and more precisely, tweeters for in-car audio. Indeed, big names like Audi, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce have all used Morel's expertise to kit out their motors.

So far, so interesting, and regular readers may remember various other Morel products we've tested, not least for their trademark appearance. In fact, this new Stream package uses the same SoundSub 9 subwoofer as the previously tested Nova MkII multichannel package. It also shares the styling of that package's satellites, which are available in black, silver or white finishes.

The Stream package differs in that it uses three, larger, SI-2 speakers for the front end, with the LI-1 speakers – as found in the Nova – relegated to taking care of rear effects. It's an individual looking system – in a good way – and it feels pleasingly solidly built, too. Your money also buys a pair of speaker stands.

Ploddy sub
Up and running, the same problem we've encountered with previous Morel systems raises its head again. While the curiously shaped subwoofer does integrate well enough with the satellite speakers, its pure sonic ability lets it down.

Mission Impossible 3 lacks the energy and excitement it should arouse, thanks to a ploddy sub that slows the action down and lacks expression. Watching the deluxe edition of the U2: Zoo TV DVD, this lack of zip becomes particularly apparent.

More subtle workouts, such as The Weather Man, are handled much more adeptly by
the Stream package, thanks to the satellites' good detail levels and precise imaging. Really push the system, and it will struggle more than most here, losing composure and, in turn, detail when stretched.

Despite the discreet styling, promising performance from the satellites, and even the not-to-be-underestimated addition of a pair of speaker stands, at this price, the Morel package is picking some pretty big fights. And they're fights it's quite up to winning.