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Jamo wEAR In20m review

They're comfy and punchy, but can get harsh at high volume Tested at £70

Our Verdict

If you like it loud you’ll look elsewhere, but the Jamos aren’t without charm


  • Pleasant looks
  • comfortable in situ
  • punchy, spacious sound


  • Top end can be problematic at volume
  • not short of competition

The Jamo brand is no stranger to this site, but where headphones are concerned the Danish loudspeaker specialist is a newcomer.

Of course, we’re more than prepared to give these new in-ears a fair crack of the whip – and we’re pleased to report that the wEAR In20ms aren’t half bad.

The Jamos are supplied with a selection of earbud tips and can be made to fit very snugly.

Punchy and spacious presentation
Suitably positioned, and with a 320kbps file of David Gray’s Sail Away playing, they reveal themselves as a substantial, robust listen, with plenty of low-end solidity and a winningly open, distinct way with vocals in the midrange.

Detail levels are lavish, and the tune ambles along with easy strides. Difficulties, such as they are, are confined to the top of the frequency range.

Dial in a degree of meaningful volume and treble sounds start to glint dangerously – ignore the warning and you’ll find the top end becoming just a little spiky and forceful.

So if you thrive on big volumes you’ll find the Jamos on the bright side – everyone else should give them a listen.

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