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Epson P-5000 review

Start saving - this is a must for serious viewers after a top display Tested at £499.00

Our Verdict

If you’re serious about movies on the move, the Epson’s the portable to pick


  • Glorious picture quality
  • large hard drive
  • easy to use
  • decent battery life


  • Not cheap

Just to show how diverse portable video can be, here's something completely different: the P-5000 is aimed at the keen photographer as an image-viewing and storage device.

It has an excellent interface, an 80GB hard drive, slots for both Compact Flash and SD cards, and powerful zoom and image-browsing functions.

Epson's 'Photo Fine Ultra'- amazing
But the real kicker is that it also has Epson's ‘Photo Fine Ultra' 4in LCD screen, with a four-colour filter system – using red, blue, emerald green and yellow green to create a palette of 16.7 million colours.

The result is absolutely stunning picture quality. Hues are rich, detailed and extremely subtle, while motion handling and edge definition are razor sharp.

If you're after a low-cost portable for occasional use, the Epson's steep price will in all likelihood scare you off. If, however, you're a serious viewer after a top display and long battery life, start saving now…


General Information

Product NameEpson P-5000