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The best cheap iPad deals in the US ahead of Black Friday 2020

The best cheap iPad deals in the US ahead of Black Friday 2020
(Image credit: Apple)

There's a reason people use the terms 'iPad' and 'tablet' interchangeably. Apple's iPads are so ubiquitous they've become synonymous with tablet PCs. And they now range massively in price, meaning there's one suitable for almost anyone.

Deals on Apple gear of any kind can be hard to come by, but sales season is upon us:  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all just around the corner, making deals more common than ever. 

We've scoured the internet so you don't have to to bring you the best bargains on all of Apple's tablets. Looking for an iPad Air to sling in your bag? Maybe you want an iPad Pro for creating designs, animations or music? We've got you covered.

You might even be able to pick up a $500 trade-in bonus... 

The best iPad deals

iPad Mini 64GB | $399 $349.99 at Amazon
If you want a small iPad without a big price, look no further: Amazon has $50 off the most recent iPad Mini. The 7.9in screen is big enough for watching movies, while keeping the device small enough to carry around.View Deal

Get up to $505 trade-in value at Apple
Swapping an old Apple device for new? Head straight to Apple. It will give you money off a new device when you trade in your old one. The big-ticket item is an iPad Pro, which could give you up to $505 in credit to spend on a new iPad.View Deal

Apple iPad Pro 10.5in 64GB $1149 $799 at BHPhoto
This isn't the latest older iPad Pro but it combines a slick design with truly fantastic image quality courtesy of the ProMotion display. A four-speaker system delivers impressive sound, too. This deal gets you a massive $350 off the Wi-Fi + 4G LTE model.View Deal

Best iPad Air deals

The best cheap iPad deals in the US ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2020

(Image credit: Apple)

As the name suggests, the iPad Air is built for life on the move. It's the slimmest and lightest full-size Apple tablet, and with a 10.5in screen, there's no compromise on movie watching. It also supports HDR for enhancing Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

It's compatible with the Apple Pencil for sketching or writing on-screen. 

In our view, it's Apple's best all-round iPad. There's enough power for almost any task, and it won't weigh you down when you're out and about. Add in all-day battery life, and you've got the perfect partner for watching, listening and playing on the go.

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Best iPad Mini deals

The best cheap iPad deals in the US ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2020

(Image credit: Apple)

The iPad Air is great for getting out and about, but if you're always on the move you might prefer the iPad Mini. The small screen is less suited to movie and games, but it's ideal for dipping into e-books or casual watching.

At 7.9in in size, it's smaller than the other iPads, but still larger than a smartphone. It might not suit cinematic epics, but for TV shows and YouTube? Perfect. It also has the highest pixel density of any iPad. So while there's not a lot of screen, what you do get looks great.

The internal speakers don't sound too bad considering the size, and connect it to a pair of wireless headphones, and you'll have a great time.

If you prefer a smaller screen, this is the iPad for you.

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Best iPad Pro deals

The best cheap iPad deals in the US ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2020

(Image credit: Apple)

Content creators will want the iPad Pro. It's the largest, most powerful Apple tablet, designed for use by creative professionals. If you're designing, illustrating, animating or producing, this is the iPad you want.

It comes in 11in or 12.9in sizes, and the OLED screen provides a stunning contrast ratio. Perfect for seeing every single detail of an image.

The processor is custom-made by Apple, and is designed to keep up with even the most taxing of tasks. The Apple Pencil stylus is perfect for drawing, shading and even writing on-screen.

Add all-day battery life and superb sound, and you've effectively got a mobile office for today's creative professional.

Sure, for just consuming media it's a little 'gun to a knife fight'. But if you're creating content as well as consuming it, look no further.

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Best iPad deals

The best cheap iPad deals in the US ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2020

(Image credit: Apple)

This is the seventh generation of standard iPad. While it was once the sole member of the iPad family, it's now the entry-level model, priced much more affordably than its siblings.

And justifiably so. Its specs are less impressive – think less storage, less power, with bulkier dimensions, a heavier weight and smaller screen than the iPad Air. Its display also doesn't have the same lamination and anti-reflective coating of other iPads, and it's not HDR-compatible.

But at this price, we're not arguing. Visually and sonically it's still impressive, and it runs the same iOS operating system as the other iPads, giving it the same user-friendliness. Ideal for those on a budget.

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