Our Verdict 
A solid performance and keen price means Toshiba's calling time on supermarket-brand TVs
Great price
nice styling
well-balanced, noise-free pictures
very good high-def images
Some backlight seepage
a touch of softness to standard-def pictures
blacks could be deeper
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Toshiba seems to know what people want from a budget TV – and what they can do without.

Take composite and S-video connections: few people use them, so the '506D does without them. What you do get is a simple but stylish TV with HDMI and component inputs, as well as support for 1080/24p signals.

The simple approach extends to the clear and functional remote and menu system.

The '506D doesn't match the best for standard-def edge definition and sharpness, but the natural picture is still very pleasant, and HD images are close to the class-leaders.

A touch of backlight seepage and a sonic performance that's a little thin are noteworthy niggles, but given the Toshiba's price we're more than happy to recommend it.