Our Verdict 
There's much to admire here – the Tannoy remains an enjoyable and flexible design
Punchy and taut sound
fine build
good range of inputs
Other subwoofers at this price level can go deeper
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A long-running favourite at What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, this Tannoy sub is now available for less than its original £500 test price.

Measuring 37x34x34cm, the TS-12 comes in a very well-built, but surprisingly light enclosure. It's a sealed design, using a downward-firing 30cm driver and a meaty 500-watt amplifier. The result is fast, punchy bass with the minimum of overhang. The TS-12 will go loud, too, without sounding overstrained when pushed.

Socket-wise, there are line-level inputs in both RCA (phono) and XLR flavours, with matching outputs limited to the latter. You'll also find a filter to control low-end extension, as well as the more usual crossover frequency. Oddly, there's no speaker level input.

It'll effortlessly pump up the basslines in Leftfield's Space Shanty, snapping into the adrenaline-infused rhythmic hook with a vital, foot-tapping enthusiasm.

The only downside is that there are limits to its absolute extension: whether you're listening to music or movies, it can't quite explore the furthest reaches of the deepest basslines.

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However, some will readily trade this lack of absolute authority for the Tannoy's other strengths.