Our Verdict 
It’s not without talent but the Tannoy is far too keen to hide its light under a bush
Discreet looks, capable bass handling
Lacks drive and attack, too restrained
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This subwoofer is the last piece of Tannoy's Revolution series jigsaw, and it's a wee bit later than its siblings.

We've had a chance to listen to nearly all the Revolution Signature range and, sorry to say, the 1001 subwoofer is the least impressive element of it.

Problem is, it sounds nearly as discreet as it looks – even though it's only £300, we'd still like a bit more drive and attack.

There's nothing wrong with what the Tannoy does – it differentiates bass notes well and is able to start and stop promptly – but the overall signature is altogether too tentative. Which is the last thing you want from a subwoofer