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Tannoy Mercury V1 review

Retaining the basic concept of Tannoy's successful and long-lived Mercury design, the V1s are a joy to listen to, with few vices Tested at £150

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

You must hear these before buying any other speaker at this price


  • Lovely tonal balance
  • fluid but precise timing and dynamics
  • plenty of detail


  • Some rivals punch harder

We’ve been fans of the Mercury range right from the start.

This, the fifth iteration, is by far the best yet, thanks to a raft of upgrades including stiffer casework and a lightweight mid/bass cone.

But the proof is in the playing – and we’re happy to report that it’s easy to fall for the Tannoys’ charms.

The soundstage is bigger than that from others in the same class, and they manage to translate the combination of space and intimacy of the live venue better than any other.

There’s also a fluidity and solidity to the delivery that makes instruments sound delightfully lush, and dynamic shifts flow beautifully.

You could listen these speakers in isolation, and not find any faults, but comparison with the best around proves that there’s a little punch and attack that the Tannoys miss.

They’ve got a slightly rounded-off treble, too, and while that means they’ll make the most of harsh recordings, it also costs a smidge of sparkle.

It’s a tough choice…

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