Our Verdict 
Another well-designed, high quality Sony product, but it faces tough competition
Plenty of style, and it looks solid
reasonable sound
Limited output
others do as much for less
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It won't surprise many to learn that this Sony clock/radio is a cut above its nominal competitors, being well-built and with a hint of ‘sixties futuristic' retro about it – what is it with radio designers and products that look like props from 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Whatever, this white wedgy white slab with a black grille and rear support has four alarm memories, for every day, weekdays, weekends or one-off use, and you can be woken up with DAB, FM or a very loud buzzer.

For a mono design, its sound is expansive, and it does a manful job at the frequncy extremes, hinting at low-end stuff while avoiding splashiness at the top, and giving some character to voices on speech radio. However, ultimate volume is limited, and there are other bedside DABs offering better value.