Sony NAS-50HDE Gigajuke review

Can connect tunes from your PC via your network, or from its own 80GB built-in hard disk - a good micro system choice for fans of digital music Tested at £500.00

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Our Verdict

Hard disk and network-readiness will appeal to many, though the price is high


  • 80GB hard disk
  • plays files from your PC via a network
  • a good micro, too


  • Price
  • slightly lazy bass

With an 80GB hard disk and network functionality, this new Sony is aimed squarely at fans of digital music. Connect it to your network, and the Gigajuke can play all the tunes stored on your PC.

Insert a CD, and the built-in Gracenote software will search its supplied database (and its more up-to-date internet version if you're online) for titles and artwork, which are then displayed on the excellent screen. Ripping CDs to the hard disk is easy, and can be done in MP3 or uncompressed PCM formats.

Whether listening to CD, ripped music or DAB, the performance is big, bold and detailed. Only the slightly lazy bass and a high price hold the Gigajuke back from a full five stars.