• Sony MDR-Z1000 P5
Our Verdict 
Nicely built headphones with an impressive sound – and useful flexibility
Tight, punchy and exciting
Colouration to the low midrange/upper bass
could be more transparent
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These beautifully built, closed-back cans are aimed at the hi-fi end of the market.

But given their rigid construction, understated design and compact size, they could arguably double as the kind of ‘designer portable’ headphones we see so much on the underground these days.

They’re not a million miles away from being a slightly less elegant version of B&W’s P5s.

Sony appears to see the Z1000s as very much a ‘pro’ pair of cans aimed squarely at the studio, but they are equally at home in the lounge.

Clever use of technologyA liquid-crystal polymer film diaphragm – designed to balance rigidity with high levels of internal loss, so vibrations are minimal – as well as a cleverly designed noise isolating earpad and a lightweight magnesium alloy housing, all contribute to the performance.

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And they’re deeply impressive. Tight, punchy and exciting, they offer real sonic solidity married to a smooth, and so perpetually inoffensive, treble.

There is a bit of colouration to the low midrange/upper bass, and there are similarly priced rivals that offer a little more transparency, but these are an impressive and likeable alternative – with the boon that you could, if you wanted, take them out on the road.

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