Sony DAV-F200 review

This is a stylish system that’s also packed full of substance Tested at £350.00

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Our Verdict

This is a stylish system that’s also packed full of substance


  • Classy styling
  • good remote
  • open sound
  • powerful sub


  • A trace of brightness to the speakers

The new Sony ‘V' or ‘W' Series LCD TVs have a ‘midnight sky' finish around the frame and this is a matching 2.1 home cinema system.

It's a stylish affair, with a slimline, wall-mountable slot-loading DVD receiver, petite speakers and a slim (21cm wide) subwoofer. Behind a panel on the receiver you'll find an array of connections including HDMI and component video outputs.

There's also one of Sony's Digital Media Ports, that allows you to connect a range of different docking stations for accessories. If you want to display digital photos through the system, you can do so via a USB input.

Impressive 1080p pictures via HDMI
1080p images over HDMI look impressive. Clarity and detail are to the fore, and the Sony also does a fine job of displaying blacks and picking up detail in the shadows of Aliens Versus Predator: Requiem.

The speakers sound open and clear. There's a minor hint of brightness in the treble, but it's not distracting or uncomfortable. You don't really get the feeling of surround sound from the speakers either, but very few 2.1 systems can pull this off effectively.

Considering its slim dimensions, the subwoofer sounds immensely powerful. Explosions are delivered with relentless brute force, rocking your room. If you want to annoy or impress the neighbours, this is the sub for the job.

The DAV-F200 is a fine proposition. It could be the perfect fit if you're a big Sony fan or simply fancy a small system for a second room


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Product NameSony DAV-F200