Our Verdict 
This is a solid little system that does little wrong, even if it is a mite flawed
DAB, cassette and CD multichanger, among other features
decent sound
Build is a little weaker than some at this price
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We thought the cassette was pretty much dead, and yet manufacturers (and not only Sony) are still producing systems that include them. This Sony shares another feature with some rivals: a CD changer. The 'Z90's compact example holds three discs.

The Sony's price buys a good deal of sophistication. Build-quality isn't great, but the styling is far more impressive, even if the fascia is rather cluttered.

Not ideal under pressureSound performance is sophisticated, too. Low notes are evenly integrated into the smooth and balanced presentation. Things are quite perfect, mind: the stereo image is a little imprecise, and the Sony struggles to identify individual instruments when tracks get busy.

Overall, and at this price, the Sony is a pleasant listen. DAB performance is very good, and is faithfully clear and clean, whether you're listening to music or chat. The Sony, while not perfect, is a good system that's certainly worth the money.