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A fine system from Samsung, offering real home cinema thrills in a convenient, affordable package
excellent performance for both sound and vision
Too hefty for use in smaller rooms
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Samsung's home cinema in-a-box systems have done rather well recently: its latest range has tended to blend impressive performance, neat looks and competitive pricing.

And this package, the HT-TXQ120, is the flagship of Samsung's current range: before we get onto a detailed description, let us just say that means two things, either of which could be seen as a downside. It's relatively expensive, and it's... big.

This Samsung is no shrinking violetThat's right: if discretion is your obsession, you should probably look elsewhere. This system sits loud and proud in your living room with four tall, tower speakers and a matching big, shiny black head unit that sits alongside them on its own vertical stand. The sub, also, is a proudly sizeable beast.

But the whole package is wonderfully built and looks stylish, so if you like black and you have a large enough room to accommodate the HT-TXQ120, then read on because you'll like what you're about to hear.

The Samsung offers a host of features you won't normally see on such an ‘all-in-one' system: full upscaling to 1080p; HDMI input as well as output; plus a hefty 1000w of power. It also boasts a USB input for digital media players or a PC, and a wide range of disc compatibility including both SACD and DVD-Audio – should you care. Setup is very quick and easy, with a series of simple, straightforward menus.

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Great sound and visionWhen you do get it into action, boy, does the Samsung do the business. This is a large system that won't suit a small lounge, but in the right space it proves that its punch is at least equal to its weight. The sound is vast, detailed and very hard-hitting.

The Samsung is no brute, however. It's subtle, realistic and controlled, with voices sounding natural and being locked closely to the centre of the screen.

Pictures are also extremely good. Upscaled to either 720p or 1080p, the Samsung's picture is rich, solid and detailed, with good contrast and an impressive grasp of dark details.

OK, the Samsung won't suit every room, and it won't disappear into the background like a shrinking violet. But if you like the shiny black styling and want a hefty, powerful movie performance, it's a very fine system.