Our Verdict 
One of the better internet radios - fine sound, superb functionality and solid build.
Simple design, rich sound
Lacks treble openness, obstructive controls
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This one certainly looks the business, with its solid, high-gloss black casework and a decent, if somewhat brick-like feel. The designers have also kept things clean by using one control to handle everything from power on/off to station-searching.

Use the Roberts and that single twist/push control can make things slightly obstructive at times, and you have to resort to the ‘credit card' remote.

The rich and powerful sound ensures even the lowest bit-rate broadcasts are smoothed down a bit, but the WM-201 does lack some treble openness and snap: only with the treble dialled right up do voices become a bit more interesting.

This is perhaps more for the Radio 3 or Radio 4 fan, rather than having an immediate appeal for those surfing for the latest Albanian electronica, but it still remains a rather good example of what internet radio can do.

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