• Roberts Fusion
Our Verdict 
A good buy if you crave a dock with your radio, but otherwise look elsewhere
Built-in iPod dock
goes decently loud
easy to use
nice design
Sound is a little flat
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Compact, no-nonsense and purposeful: that’s the Roberts Fusion. This mid-sized unit comprises DAB and FM, plus a flip-out dock for your iPod/iPhone.

You might think it’s fairly light on features for the price – but remember, if you dock an internet-happy iDevice to it (or connect an Android device via the 3.5mm connector), you’ll have a world’s worth of online content…

On the front you’ll find a screen that clearly displays all the info you could want from broadcasts (including signal strength) and your iDevice, but it’s the Fusion’s remote control that deserves a special mention.

This games-console-esque controller feels a million miles away from the usual flimsy, credit-card wands favoured by some makers.

Roberts Fusion: Sound qualityFire up the main unit and you’re greeted with reasonable articulacy. The Fusion does a decent job of holding on to broadcasts, and serves up a nicely detailed, well-separated soundstage. However, the bass is a little on the boxy side and the treble a tad hard, but there are EQ presets to help tame this to an extent.

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Time to hook up our shiny iPhone. Push the button on the dock and it rises gracefully from the back of the unit; once ready, you can attach to it one of a variety of supplied device-holders to keep your portable secure. Duly connected, the results are fine but not earth shattering.

With a WAV of One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces from Ben Folds Five’s seminal Whatever and Ever Amen playing, we noticed a touch of hesitancy in the Fusion’s dynamics and rhythmic punch, though not enough to be annoying.

Roberts Fusion: VerdictAll of which sums up the Roberts: rather than ‘outstanding’ and ‘exciting’, the unit instead offers ‘reasonable’ and ‘decent’.

We wanted to love the Fusion – it’s a decently detailed listen, after all, and packs in a fair amount of features for your £150, but its sound is bettered by some rivals.

So unless you really want a built-in iPod dock at this price, we think you can do better elsewhere.

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