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  1. Roberts R-Line system

    Roberts R-Line system

    Reviewed on 24th September 2015

    Multi-room audio is booming. A number of manufacturers now have Sonos in their sights and Roberts is the latest brand looking for a piece of the action...

  2. Tibo Plus 2

    Tibo Plus 2

    Reviewed on 22nd September 2015
    Price when reviewed £150

    Thanks to their versatility and budget price tag, the Tibo Plus 2s are well worth investigating...

  3. Monitor Audio Airstream S150

    Monitor Audio Airstream S150

    Reviewed on 15th September 2015
    Price when reviewed £150

    Best mains-powered wireless speaker under £200, Awards 2016. For the money, the Monitor Audio S150 is a remarkable wireless speaker...

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  4. Wharfedale DS-1

    Wharfedale DS-1

    Reviewed on 11th September 2015
    Price when reviewed £130

    Best desktop speaker under £200, Awards 2015. These compact Bluetooth speakers boast a grown-up sound and attractive price...

  5. Yamaha MusicCast system

    Yamaha MusicCast system

    Reviewed on 24th August 2015

    Music, everywhere: that’s the dream, right? That’s where the likes of Sonos and Bluesound thrive. Yamaha wants to take things further by getting all up in your hi-fi.

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  7. Ultimate Ears Roll

    Ultimate Ears Roll

    Reviewed on 30th July 2015
    Price when reviewed £100

    Best portable wireless speaker under £100, Awards 2015. This sturdy little speaker squeezes plenty of performance into its diminutive size...

  8. Denon Envaya Mini

    Denon Envaya Mini

    Reviewed on 24th July 2015
    Price when reviewed £100

    The slimmed down Denon Envaya Mini still manages to pack in a great deal

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  9. Clint Audio Odin

    Clint Audio Odin

    Reviewed on 23rd July 2015
    Price when reviewed £320

    Does the Odin have what it takes to be considered a god amongst wireless speakers?

  10. Denon HEOS

    Denon HEOS

    Reviewed on 4th June 2015

    We go hands-on with Denon's first multi-room music system, which consists of four speakers, the HEOS 1, 3, 5 and 7, the HEOS Amp, HEOS Link pre-amp, the HEOS Extend wi-fi extender and the HomeCinema soundbar with wireless sub.

  11. Bayan Audio Soundbook Go

    Bayan Audio Soundbook Go

    Reviewed on 14th April 2015
    Price when reviewed £72

    The Soundbook Go puts in a decent shift for a Bluetooth speaker, but is it enough in this crowded market?