Our Verdict 
There's a lot to recommend this Panasonic, but even at the price we need a little more certainty with motion
Quick and simple to use
good colours, clean contrasts
surprisingly assertive sound
impressive TV tuners
Some motion issues
HD images inevitably a little short of detail
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While it can seem that the TV industry is in an almost constant state of flux, now more than ever it's fair to say it's changeover time. This Panasonic TV is one of the new models for 2009.  In screen sizes above this size we'd never argue against anyone demanding a Full HD set. With a 32in, however, the differences aren't always as clear, so this screen's 1366 x 768 resolution isn't necessarily cause for concern.

In terms of connectivity there are three HDMI inputs, an SD cart slot, as well as Viera Link and Viera Tools options.

HD-Ready resolution handles Blu-rayWatching Blu-ray content – the TV is perfectly happy taking 1080p/24fps video – the image impresses but it does give a way a little detail compared to the best rivals.

There's a welcoming warmth to the picture, with the Blu-ray disc of Australia delivering appropriately vivid, colourful pictures and rosy, lively skin tones.

Dark scenes don't overly trouble the Panasonic either, with Fargo looking solid in HD thanks to dependable, deep blacks and bright whites.

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There are hints of noise in scenes containing tricky-to-deal-with blocks of colour – the snowy landscapes of Minnesota in this instance – but it's not enough to put us off our viewing.

Standard-definition images are lacklustreStrangely for Panasonic, we're less enamoured with SD content. Send a DVD signal and ask the Panasonic to do the scaling and the picture is lacklustre compared to Blu-ray images – even allowing for the difference in quality of the source material.

Similarly, the TV tuner, which largely impressed us despite the odd issue with fast motion, seems a little soft and has hints of noise compared to newer rivals.

One area that this television does excel is in sound quality – this is a full, smooth and accomplished sounding set.

So it remains qualified praise for this latest Panasonic. Some stern competition and perhaps as a result of that lower resolution, this is a TV that can't quite keep up with best.