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A great music server at a competitive price
Outstanding value, usability and flexibility
decent sound quality
now has digital output via USB
Sound lacks a little sparkle next to good CD players
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Whatever their allure, most music servers are complex and expensive.

Olive's O3HD, by contrast, is designed as a modern music server for a less well-heeled audience. In fact, at £900, it's priced to rub shoulders with many mainstream CD players.

The O3HD has a 500GB hard-disk and an integrated CD drive; it's self-contained, and doesn't require connection to a computer. Clearly, you can buy music servers (and PCs)  with larger hard drives, but Olive argues that this isn't a music server aimed at music hoarders, but music lovers.

It's specifically designed to be plug-and-play simple: there's an Ethernet port, but it's also preloaded with a 2.7-million-strong CD database to provide suitable artist, title and track information whenever you load a disc.

A delightful interfaceThe touchscreen control interface is a delight, both in its simplicity and the speed of its response. Olive wrote its own control software to deliver the best user experience, and it shows.

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The standard remote is, by contrast, plain and utilitarian – although an iPhone/Touch app is also available.

Build quality is fine, if not as lavish as the pricier Olive O4HD. The spec's fine too, with Ethernet, a rear USB for connection to a suitable hard-disk for backing up your music, and preloaded internet radio access.

The original model lacked a digital output to upgrade its sound quality with an external DAC, but now that's been rectified and a digital out (via USB) is fitted as standard.

Needs a touch more rhythmWhile it sounds perfectly fine, it's not quite as rhythmically adept as we'd like. However, now that you can add a good DAC, the problem is easily corrected.

It's smooth, listenable, able to focus musical elements within a broad and engaging soundstage and reasonably detailed.

A dedicated CD player, such as the Marantz CD6003, will sound better, but obviously doesn't have the functionality of a full media server.

The O3HD can perform feats that would elude both the Marantz and many a dearer CD player, and it's delightful to use.

Now that it's endowed with that digital output, it's an even more competitive product and deserves five stars.

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