IFA 2014 is now just two weeks away with all the latest products and technologies to be introduced into the European market. Companies will be looking to grab the headlines and Yamaha will be no exception, with over 15 new products making their debut.

Earphones, soundbars, hi-fi and desktop audio are among the categories in which Yamaha will be unveiling its latest kit, and we start our round-up with the new AS-301, A-S501 (pictured) and A-S701 integrated amplifiers – due to hit shelves in late autumn.

This trio of amps replaces the A-S300, A-S500 and A-S700 amps respectively, with around four years having passed since the first A-S500 UK tuning project and Yamaha will aim to build on the Award-winning success of the A-S500 with the amps.

Prices are expected to come in at £300 for the A-S300, £360 for the A-S501 and £560 for the A-S701, with all three coming with ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology); ART (Anti-Resonance and Tough) Base; and DC outputs.

Each of the amps will have eight audio inputs and five outputs in total, with the A-S701 delivering maximum power of 160W + 160W at 4ohms, which compares with 120W + 120W (A-S501) and 95W + 95W (A-S301) respectively. You can see the A-S501 in action with our Unboxing video below.

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In addition to the integrated amps, the R-N301 is described as a "modern take" on a two-channel integrated amplifier that offers networking features such as Spotify and DLNA streaming (£260), while the CD-N301 is a new entry-level CD player (£360).

Yamaha will expand its interior audio range with the LSX-70 portable speaker (£460); a new Restio complete with Bluetooth and DAB (£600); and the LSX-170 table speaker (£36), all of which are combined with a series of LED lights under the Relit moniker.

On the home cinema front, Yamaha will be launching the YAS-203 soundbar to replace the YAS-201 (£400). It'll feature Bluetooth connectivity, a wireless subwoofer, app control and a new look, while it'll also be able to "learn" from your TV remote.

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A new 2.1 system designed for use with TVs is also on the way, with the NX-B150 speakers (£250, pictured) including Bluetooth – as well as a 3.5mm input to make it compatible with "almost any TV or smart device". It's due to hit shelves this winter.

Other new products include new EPH-R and EPH-W earphones, which will range in price from between £40 and £100 when launched; the new flagship NS-SW1000 subwoofer (£1400) boasting the new Twisted Flare Port; and the TSX-15D desktop speakers (£120). All prices are described as "tentative" at this stage.

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Djordje Nijemcevic's picture

DAC type?

Any info on DACs used in the new series of integrated amps?

SWEETOHM's picture

The all important DAC's

The all important DAC's presumably are the same as in the A-S500, Yamaha would have boasted about any DAC improvement if it offerd them with this new model.


Djordje Nijemcevic's picture

A-S500 has no DAC I think...

A-S500 has no DAC I think... Anyway, Yamaha's website only mentions that coax&optical are for connecting TV&Bluray, so I pretty much think they are there just to fill the spec sheet.

RBurge's picture

No useable DAC in AS-500

There is one hidden away, behind the 30-pin ipod dock, but the amp doesnt let you access that with any other inputs (eg optical). bit annoying. 

magicrabbit's picture

DAC in the A-S501

The DAC used in the A-S501 may possibly be a SABRE.

The A-S500 is a brilliant amplifier. I must say that I am really impressed by this machine and its clarity. I am not sure the A-S501 is worth the price difference. Better to invest in a good DAC (e.g. Burr-Brown)

You are correct, the A-S500 has no DAC and threfore no coaxial or USB inputs.

For instance the YBA-11 Aptx bluetooth receiver could not be used with the A-S500 without an external DAC.

iMark's picture

No Rec Out selector

Shame they dropped the Rec Out selector. Really useful when I digitise LP's while my other half is watching TV. Mosking

Blackdawn's picture

Hopefully the A-S701 will be

Hopefully the A-S701 will be an improvement over the A-S700 and much more musical. For some reason the more expensive Yamaha integrated amps don't seem to do as well as the cheaper ones in the reviews. 

WX's picture

DAC chip and more

The DAC used in the new A-Sx01 series is (according to a Japanese Yamaha website) a Ti-BurrBrown 5102.

It sits on a separate input-board with it's own powerconnection and also a USB power-output for accessoires.

There's also an A-S801 with USB connection that does DSD and all. This one has the ESS Sabre chipset.

I do really like (the 701) this new-retro minimalistic amp but still got what it takes to go with modern needs in HiFi.  Good