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The Week in HD - Premier League, Insurgent, Great British Bake Off and more

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Blu-ray releases

Good Kill – Blu-ray release of the week

Good Kill – Blu-ray release of the week


The Divergent Series comes across as a Hunger Games-lite imitation, and this sequel does little to change that thought.

Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) are still on run after the end of Divergent, as they look for answers as well allies to take on the ruthless Jeanine (Kate Winslet). Tris will have to confront her demons and become truly divergent – although we're still not sure what that actually means.

Woodley is the reason to watch this, but for non-fans this is a bland, somewhat confusing film.

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Woman in Gold

Woman in Gold is based on the true story of Maria Altmann, a Jewish refugee who fought the Austrian government to reclaim paintings that belonged to her family before the Nazis stole them during the second world war.

It's a cast full of familiar faces including Tywin Lannist… we mean, Charles Dance and Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) as the young Maria. Worth a watch if you like inspiring stories.

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Good Kill

Ethan Hawke plays Major Thomas Egan, a drone pilot who spends 12 hours a day hunting targets… before spending the other 12 arguing with his wife (Jennifer Jones).

This monotous routine makes him question the ethics of his day job - are his actions creating more terrorists or is he preventing further attacks?

By all accounts this is a strong, timely and thought-provoking film that weighs up the cost of war - even when that soldier is thousands of miles away from the battlefield.

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Monday 3rd August

True Detective - Pick of the day, 9pm

True Detective - Pick of the day, 9pm

Only Connect BBC Two HD, 8.30pm

Collectors vs Railwaymen. Has there been a better quiz show on telly? It may seem gentle and lighthearted, but the fiendish questions will have you tearing your hair out as you try to make connections between random facts, fill in the missing vowels, and pick your favourite Egyptian hieroglyph.

True Detective Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm

Black Maps and Motel Rooms. It's the penultimate episode of True Detective's second series and the murder investigation has finally picked up pace.

As Ani, Paul and Ray inch closer to finding the killer, the three detectives find themselves working on the wrong side of the law. Can they save themselves before it's too late?

Tuesday 4th August

Gone Girl - Pick of the day, 9pm

Gone Girl - Pick of the day, 9pm

The One and Only Cilla ITV HD, 9pm

Paul O'Grady leads this celebration of the late Cilla Black's 50 years in the entertainment business, with appearances from Alison Moyet and Katie Melua

Gone Girl Sky Movies HD Premiere, 9pm

David Fincher brings this sensational thriller to life on the silver screen, with stellar performances from Rosamund Pike, Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris.

When Amy Dunne disappears, her husband Nick becomes the main suspect and falls under intense media scrutiny. But as events unfold and clues are added up, all is not what it seems.

Is Amy really gone? Or is there something more twisted at play here?

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Wednesday 5th August

The Great British Bake Off - Pick of the day, 8pm

The Great British Bake Off - Pick of the day, 8pm

The Great British Bake Off BBC One HD, 8pm

Cake. It looks like Wednesday nights are going to be food nights, what with Hannibal airing soon after Bake Off. Dessert before the main course? Controversial.

Series six of the amateur baking competition is reportedly going 'back to basics'. That means no more swirly povitica bread, or the dreaded Breton pastry kouign-amann. The first episode is simply titled: Cake. We expect it will be just as mouth-wateringly delicious as ever.

Jane the Virgin E4 HD, 9pm

Jane is feeling a bit distant from Rogelio and is suffering from the worst affliction of them all: writer's block (we feel your pain). But she thinks she has the solution when Michael mentions a romance writing workshop.

Banging our heads on the desk works best for us.

Hannibal Sky Living HD, 10pm

...And the Woman Clothed with the Sun. Francis Dolarhyde a.k.a. The Tooth Fairy (a stunning performance by Richard Armitage, we should mention) is proving very difficult to catch, and in his desperation, Will turns to the only man who can help: Hannibal Lecter.

It's as if no one at the FBI has learned their lesson about going to Lecter when they need advice. Still, if this is the first time the two former friends have come face-to-face in three years, prepare yourself for a tense and cryptic conversation.

Thursday 6th August

Space Station 76 - Pick of the day, Netflix

Space Station 76 - Pick of the day, Netflix

The Ashes - Live Sky Sports Ashes HD, 10am

England go into the fourth test at Trent Bridge knowing that a win will mean the little urn is legitimately on English soil rather than merely being 'kept safe' at Lord's on behalf of the Aussies.

Of course, this means that Australia will come out with the energy of an animated Tasmanian Devil, and in this topsy-turvy series, who knows what's going to happen next?

Space Station 76 Netflix

A film that judging by its IMDb score is either not good or very polarising, Space Station 76 is a black comedy that might require a love of 70s sci-fi to 'get it'.

76 follows the crew aboard the titular station through the eyes of new recruit Jessica (Liv Tyler). At first they seem nice and friendly, but after a while Jessica notices the crew are hiding their true feelings.

As she tries to find out more, her own life begins to unravel, but when a 'celestial event' occurs it makes everyone on the station reassess their lives.

It's an odd film, and might serve as a little curio for anyone looking for something different from the norm.

Masters of Sex Series 2 Amazon Prime Instant Video

Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan return for the second series of the show based on the lives of pioneering sex doctors William Masters and Virginia Johnson.

This series picks up off after the disastrous presentation from the first series' finale that saw Dr. Masters fired from his job. The relationship between William and Virginia leads to constant issues with Masters' troubled childhood coming to light, and with Virginia continuing to have relationships outside the marriage, can they solve their own problems?

Friday 7th August

Ripper Street - Pick of the day, 9pm

Ripper Street - Pick of the day, 9pm

Would I Lie To You? BBC One HD, 8.30pm

Bob Mortimer, Katherine Parkinson, Gabby Logan and Steve Backshall are the celebrities hoping to get away with false stories or disguising their true ones in this panel show about spotting truths and lies.

Lee Mack and David Mitchell are the team captains, while Rob Brydon hosts.

Ripper Street BBC One HD, 9pm

A murder inquiry brings the detectives to the hidden basement of a curiosity shop. But who was the girl locked up there, and is she related to Reid's troubled family past?

Saturday 8th August

Inception - Pick of the day, Amazon Prime Instant Video

Inception - Pick of the day, Amazon Prime Instant Video

Live Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur BT Sport 1 HD, 12.45pm

Another season of the Premier League kicks off with Spurs visiting Manchester to take on Louis Van Gaal's team, in the first Premier League match to be shown in Ultra HD.

While Spurs have quietly gone about their business and held on to their star players (for once), there's been much commotion over United with David De Gea looking to be on his way out of the club and Angel Di Maria on his way to PSG after a solitary season.

United will want a good start. A repeat of last season's opening game is not an option.

Inception Amazon Prime Instant Video

Inception stars Leonardo Di Caprio as a thief who can extract information from people's minds while they're sleeping.

Approached to do one last job, he's asked to plant an idea in the mind of a CEO. The reward? The opportunity to return to the U.S. and see his family again after being framed for his wife's murder.

Christopher Nolan's Inception features a tremendous international cast in a film that merges vivid dreamscape images with some nifty pyschodrama and terrific, gravity defying action scenes. Quite possibly Nolan's best film.

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Sunday 9th August

Partners in Crime - Pick of the day, 9pm

Partners in Crime - Pick of the day, 9pm

Marvel's Agent Carter Fox HD, 9pm

The Iron Ceiling. The Howling Commandos make a welcome return as Thompson and Carter go on a mission to a Soviet military complex. Their intention is to intercept a supposed sale between Stark and Leviathan, but they discover something more sinister as they discover what the training facility is really for.

Back at the office, Souza continues his investigation of the mystery blonde at Spider Raymond's club. Will he figure out it's Carter?

Partners in Crime BBC One HD, 9pm

The Secret Adversary, Part Three. Last week's episode was a slow burn, but we did find out Mr Brown's real target. Tommy's cover as Drennan is blown, and the violent Soho gang force him to do a job in exchange for his life.

Tuppence must come to his aid (by smashing a vase on someone's head, it seems) if they want to stop the planned assassination that would destroy UK-US relations.

'Til next week...

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