Velodyne Impact
Here's a trio of compact new subwoofers from Velodyne, including the small but powerful Impact Mini

This trio of new subwoofers from Velodyne is designed to add plenty of bass to your hi-fi or home cinema, but without taking up too much space in your lounge.

There are three versions, all in a black gloss lacquer finish: Impact-10 (£285); Impact-12 (£365); and Impact-Mini (£385).

The 10 and 12 models use a 10in and 12in forward-firing driver respectively, in conjunction with a downward-firing port, while the Mini adds an 8in downward-firing passive radiator to its 6in forward-firing driver.

The Mini may only measure 25x25x31cm, but it still fires out 180W (RMS) and delves down to 38Hz. The Impact-10 delivers 150W (RMS) and the Impact-12 165W (RMS).

All three subs use Maximum Dynamic Power amplifiers, which are said to have relatively low power  consumption in relation to their ouput.

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The Impact range is available in the UK from December.