US NEWS: Imerge launches new entertainment server and storage at CEDIA Expo

Imerge MS1

New proprietary embedded XiVA technology is used, and the server has a high definition, graphically driven user interface, near silent operation and high end local source features, according to the company.

Other features include optimised network video performance with up to 1080p resolution, and support for the most used of audio formats. Designed to be infinitely expandable, the MS1 is intended as a 'hub' for all media
entertainment needs.

To complement the MS1, Imerge is also launching XiVASafe storage, using enterprise-grade RAID 6 drive arrays, fully customised by the company, and said to be of a standard usually only found in financial, medical and scientific applications.

The storage solutions are available in capacities of up to 6Tb, providing enough space for 1700 hours of movie storage.