US customers can now design their own Ultimate Ears Boom 3

Ultimate Ears is allowing US customers to design their own Boom 3 wireless speaker via its website.

Costing $179.99, the speaker has a dozen options for fabric finish – including leopard print (NY Kitty), camouflage (Jungle Bell) and a range of block colours – while you can also decide the colour of the end caps, volume buttons, spine, fabric loop, and decide on 16 characters of text to be engraved.

Your myBOOM 3 will otherwise be exactly the same as UE’s Boom 3 speaker, which we gave four stars last year for its upbeat, punchy sound and incomparable ruggedness. 

It isn’t the subtlest of presentations, but the Boom 3 is built for outdoor listening rather than hours spent chin stroking with a fine port, and UE’s dust-proofing and waterproofing (up to 1m in water for 30 minutes) makes this the ideal speaker for an adventure.

At the moment UE is only offering customisation on the Boom 3, and only in the United States, but the wording on its website might lead us to believe it’ll be rolled out across more speakers and territories depending on demand.

Predictably there is no option for cancellation or moderations once you’ve made your order, and returns are available only for defective products, so choose wisely and double check you’ve not spelled your partner’s name wrong before you pay.

Oh, and no profanity!