UPDATED: Cambridge Audio unleashes its Minx micro speaker system

Cambridge Audio Minx

What we saw and heard – even though they were pre-production samples – certainly piqued our interest.

Cambridge Audio has created three 21cm square, forward firing subwoofers of differing power – 200W, 300W and 500W – to match the dinky Minx satellite speakers. All the subs have gain, phase and crossover controls, and use one-piece aerospace grade aluminium cones.

You can build a simple 2.1 system, or go for a full 5.1 rig, depending on your requirements. Each standard Min10 satellite speaker measures just 8cm square, and there's a bigger version, the Min20, which is effectively two of the standard drivers combined into a single unit.

All the systems all use high-end BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) technology.

BMR drivers combine the 'bending wave' principles seen in advanced flat panel speakers, but also feature pistonic movement (backwards and forwards) just like a traditional speaker.

"This bestows Minx with a much wider frequency response than comparable style speakers, meaning they can deliver a significantly better bass response," claims Cambridge Audio.

Designed to work equally well with music or movies, the Minx systems are finished in gloss white or scratch-resistant black, and are made from acoustically damped thermo polymer and extruded aluminium.

A simple wall bracket is included as standard, while table top stands, swivel wall brackets and floor stands are optional.

The Minx range will be available from November. Prices start from £350 for a basic 2.1 system, to around £500-£600 for a mid-price 5.1 set-up and £1200 for the top-of-the-range model.

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