UPDATE: Onkyo issues product recall for selected 2011 models

Onkyo TX-NR5009

Update 24.03.12

Onkyo has issued a further statement to whathifi.com in regard to the recall notice issued on some of its 2011 products (see below):

"Onkyo UK would like to stress it's a very small number of units that are affected by this recall.

"We pride ourselves on looking after our customers. That's why we've set up a recall so that anybody who has purchased a product covered in the recall can return it to Onkyo – with all shipping to and from the customer at Onkyo's expense – and receive it back knowing that the potential issue has definitely been sorted.

"Our current turnaround time estimate is about two weeks.

"If a customer has a product covered by the recall, there's no obligation on them to return it – it's worth remembering that the standard Onkyo warranty will, of course, still be honoured in full. But if customers want total reassurance, we can easily give it to them."

Published 23.03.12

Onkyo has issued a statement on its UK website saying that a small number of 2011 products may need to be recalled to have a faulty component replaced free of charge.

The statement says: "We have discovered that some components used in the manufacture of Onkyo products between November 2011 and January 2012 do not comply with the high quality required for use in Onkyo products.

"In individual cases disturbances may occur, for example, the product switching itself off. Onkyo attaches great importance to the satisfaction of our customers regarding the service and quality of Onkyo products.

"We have, therefore, installed a test program which allows you to quickly check if your new Onkyo product is affected, with the help of the model name and serial number.

If the test determines that your Onkyo product might be affected, we offer you the chance to return the product free of charge and we will replace the relevant components in order to ensure that you can enjoy your Onkyo product with its customary quality in its entirety."

The products potentially affected are: TX-8050, TX-NR1009, TX-NR5009, TX-NR609, TX-NR709 and TX-NR809.

To find out if your product is one of those requiring a free fix, go to this page on the Onkyo website and select the relevant model number and enter its serial number.

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