Trends Audio TA-10.2P
New amp will sell for around £110, offers 2x15W output, and claims an audiophile sound from a compact package

Hong Kong-based Trends Audio, which has recently expanded its range of compact hi-fi components to include a USB DAC and a valve-powered preamp/headphone amplifier, has just announced the addition of a pocket-sized power amp.

The new TA-10.2P, which will sell for HK$1395, or around £110, delivers 2x15W from an enclosure just 7.6cm wide, 4.6cm tall and 15cm deep, and has stereo line inputs and outputs for a pair of speakers.

It's all done with Class-T Tripath amplifier modules, and Trends Audio says the use of audiophile quality components throughout gives the TA-10.2P the ability to perform like conventional Class A/B amps in terms of warmth and detail, while still delivering 90% power efficiency.

Tuning is available via small potentiometers to adjust the DC bias voltage between the speaker terminals, and the unit comes complete with its own offboard AC power supply.

It's available now for preorders at Trends Audio's online shop.

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