A star-studded US relaunch for Tidal saw backers from Coldplay to Jay Z to Madonna pledge their allegiance to the music service, while the company also announced a new £10/month subscription tier

This evening's event saw Alicia Keys, Arcade Fire, Beyonce, Madonna, Daft Punk and more give a public show of support for the streaming service, as Tidal repositioned itself as "the first ever artist-owned global music entertainment platform". 

While there was plenty of focus on Tidal's lossless, CD-quality streaming option, the company revealed it would also be launching a new $10/£10 per month subscription tier, without CD-quality streams, instead offering "up to 320kbps AAC" streams, competing directly with Deezer, Rdio, Spotify and others.

Alicia Keys, announcing the relaunched service, described Tidal as "the future of music... bringing all your favourite music at the touch of a button", and promising "exclusive experiences", suggesting many of the artists involved will be bringing exclusive content to Tidal.

Jay Z used his considerable clout in the music industry to promote the service with a concerted Twitter campaign today, with the #TIDALforALL hashtag trending on Twitter today thanks to support from artists including Beyonce, Coldplay, Deadmau5, Kanye West, Madonna, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, all of whom subsequently appeared at the press event.

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Amongst some rather grandiose claims about changing the future of the music industry, some of the artists involved did also touch on the importance of the sound quality in the promotional video.

Calvin Harris, one of the biggest dance music producers and DJs in the business, said: "In 2015, we’re making music to the highest level. It sounds more amazing than ever before, in my opinion. And then we’re listening to it on this platform where it’s compressed. I try and make music to the highest quality and that’s why it stood out. You tell people what they’re getting and they’re going to hear the difference."

Jack White, formerly of The White Stripes, added: "We can really educate people as to what digital quality they’re actually hearing. The average person on the street has no idea..."

Tidal, which launched in the UK, Europe and the US at the end of last year, led with lossless, CD-quality streaming for a £20/month subscription price - double the price of rivals such as Spotify.

The service now offers a £10/month price with all the functionality but not the lossless quality music, instead promising "up to 320kbps AAC" sound quality.

Aspiro, the parent company of Tidal and WiMP (a similar service that operated largely in the Nordic region), was bought by Jay Z's Project Panther Bidco company for $56 million earlier this month.

WiMP was then rebranded as Tidal ahead of the relaunch of the service in the US under Jay Z's ownership.

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happy_hifi's picture


I'm already bored.

All the music you could ever want at the touch of a button.

All of your life, lived without the need to bother to get out of bed.

Everything delivered instantly, everything everywhere all the time.

Where is the fun?  Where is the anticipation?

There isn't any.



Big Aura's picture

it's not lossless, and not CD

it's not lossless, and not CD quality.  presume it's not a barrowful of wet fish either.  Question is - what is it?!

Joe Cox's picture


Tidal is lossless, CD-quality...? They have just added a 'standard' 320kbps stream.

Sliced Bread's picture

Did you see the pretencious

Did you see the pretencious way Madonna signed the deal.  

That's put me off already.

Geddy76's picture

I don't care at all for modern pop.

They will need to do more than just wheel out familiar faces.  They will need a thorough library, rivalling Spotify, in order for me to consider them.

Mark Rose-Smith's picture

It'll take a lot to convert

It'll take a lot to convert me, spotifies extreme setting is quite impressive already, with a vast library to choose from, but at the end of the day Joe public doesn't really give a hoot about the quality of there music streaming, never mind stomping up £20 a month to get it.Most people I know just want to download music for free off the net with little care to the actual quality of it. Also most would be listening through mobile devices on average cans that just couldn't manage to get all the detail from the extra data anyway. You'll need a decent dac and amp for that.. 

LogainTB's picture

When Madonna said "we have to

When Madonna said "we have to care for the art", or something along those lines, well, I haven't laughed so much in a while... If they care so much about the 'art' why do they always go on about the money they're losing, especially when they're already swimming in it. This is just a way to give already rich artists even more money. It's getting really old. 

bemaniac's picture

Tidal - Faulty

I signed up for a trial of Hifi mode after getting only 3 out of 5 correct on the test they claim can identify audiophiles. Sadly even when forced to use google chrome which I hate, the hifi streams simple apologied for not being functional and asked me to refresh the page. No amount of refreshing or clicking on any album would make the 1411 bitrate stuff play.

I'll be going back to spotify for discovering music because heck at least it works! That and ripping my own cds and playing them directly and also vinyl for the music I love.

bemaniac's picture


Did anyone see Madonna try to shake deadmau5 hand. I almost died laughing as she didn't realise he can't see his own hands through the mouse helmet.

cooljoff's picture

Take the money and run

Hearing jack white bang on about the amazing sound quality of digital when he has made a name for himself bemoaning digital in favor of using beaten up old analogue gear just screams of jack 'take the pay cheque' white!

toolpapa's picture


Personally I have been a subscriber to Tidal premium for quite a while.As someone who bought 3/4 cd's per week the £20.00 per month fee is saving me money.My wife subscribes to Spotify "extreme" and we conducted a listening test of which Tidal sounded far better.My system is a Icon Audio Se20/Psb Imagine mini's/ Michelle Gyrodec/Rega/Ortofon.I stream through a Apt-x Bluetooth tablet into a Mass Fidelity Dac.As far as I'm concerned if these big stars wish to put money into Tidal and it means I can continue to receive streaming in High quality long may it last.As and when streaming services become more artist specific I will shop around to find which one is better for me.I am slightly perplexed as to the amount of negativity on this forum.Surely any service that brings publicity to good sound quality(albeit minimal coverage of that aspect) has got to be a good thing.After all that's why people like us are on these forums.