Three new turntables mark Dual's relaunch in the UK

German turntable company Dual is relaunching in the UK. The company, once the largest producer of turntables in Europe, went bankrupt in 1982 after Japanese rivals had flooded the hi-fi market. But now the brand is back, with three new budget models.

The MTR-75 is top of the range. It's belt-driven to an aluminium platter using a DC servo motor with selectable speed. The built-in RIAA phono stage has been developed to get the best from a wide range of moving-magnet cartridges, and it's not bad looking either, with a satin black chassis and large vibration-damping feet.

Its straight aluminium tonearm has a damped lift-mechanism, and comes fitted with an Audio Technica MM cartridge. The adjustable counterweight marked with a 0.1 gauge allows for fine-tune stylus tracking. The MTR-75 also has a USB output. Throw in an automatic stop and lift feature, and you've got a turntable worth checking out.

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The MTR-75 is available now, and costs £249.99.

The MTR-40 is a direct-drive model with variable speed control, and is styled as a prosumer DJ deck. It will set you back £229.99.

The MTR-15, the cheapest of the three, is also fully automatic, with a USB port. It, too, features the dampened lift system. It comes in at £124.99.

Dual's more upmarket CS series is slated to launch later in the year, along with a Bluetooth speaker, DAB radio and AV soundbase.

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