The Xbox Series X stock shortages might be over thanks to Microsoft's chequebook

The Xbox Series X stock shortages might be over
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Ever since it went on sale in November 2020, the Xbox Series X has been nigh-on impossible to find. But things appear to have improved of late. We’ve seen increasingly frequent stock drops in recent weeks, and now one Xbox watcher claims the shortages could be a thing of the past.

Nick Baker of Xbox Era (via TechRadar) claims Microsoft invested heavily in chip production in April 2021 in order to secure future orders. In other words, Baker claims that the firm paid to prioritise chip production, which has resulted in healthier stock in both the UK and US.

"Money was the reason," Baker said, speaking on the Xbox Era podcast. "Microsoft paid, effectively, to increase their production and have more stock. To me, smart investment. This is the time to do it; people want stock. If you want more subscribers on Game Pass, you're not going to get them if people can’t get the console."

If true, Microsoft would be living up to its M$ nickname.

We’ve contacted Microsoft for comment.

The cheaper – and digital-only – Xbox Series S has suffered far fewer shortages than the Series X due to its simpler manufacturing process. But Sony’s rival PS5 has been in short supply since launch, just like Microsoft’s full-fat Xbox Series X.

Microsoft is also planning on launching a Family Plan for its Xbox Game Pass online service, rumours say. If it could launch that alongside shelves full of Xbox Series X consoles, it would win a major battle in the next-gen console war with Sony.


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