Xbox Game Pass Family Plan to launch this year, sources claim

Xbox Game Pass Family Plan to launch this year, sources claim
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Sony might be improving its PlayStation Plus service, but Microsoft could be staying one step ahead with a new offering from its rival Xbox Game Pass. It's planning a Family Plan to share among multiple people, and it could launch as early as this year, Windows Central reports.

The Family Plan would work similarly to those offered by Nintendo, Netflix and Disney Plus – it would let multiple people use one account, whether they are family members or just friends. 

Window Central's sources claim up to five people will be able to share an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan, with access to games across the entire Game Pass library. There's no word on an exact price yet, but like other family plans, it's expected to be far cheaper than paying for five separate accounts.

It's rumoured to use Microsoft's Family Account system, which the company already uses for its Office 365 suite of products.

Plenty still remains unknown. Will you need separate Family Plans for PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass, for example? Or will this offering be exclusive to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? The exact pricing and release date also remain unclear.

The Family Plan is thought to have been planned for some time now, but has been held up by details such as how to distribute royalties to game makers.

Xbox Game Pass is the dominant games streaming service right now, but Sony is hoping to change that by overhauling its PlayStation Plus offering. Starting in June, it's incorporating PlayStation Now into PlayStation Plus, with three tiers on offer. Prices will range from £6.99/$9.99 a month to £13.49/$17.99.


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