The ultimate centre speaker? McIntosh's XCS1.5K weighs 80kg, boasts 43 drivers

McIntosh XCS1.5K Center Channel Loudspeaker
(Image credit: McIntosh)

McIntosh has launched what it is calling its "highest-performing centre speaker to date". 

The XCS1.5K Center Channel Loudspeaker, which has been designed to pair with the firm's iconic XRT2.1K and XRT1.1K floorstanders, weighs in at a hefty 80.74kg and boasts 43 individual speaker drivers rated to 1500 watts.

As you can see from the image, it's a hybrid three- and four-way design. The 43 drivers break down like this: 25 19mm tweeters, 14 63.5mm aluminium cone midrange drivers and four 200mm "long-throw" carbon fibre bass drivers housed in a vented cabinet.

McIntosh says that this lavish set-up, combined with a detailed crossover design, creates a wider sound field. Furthermore,  the speaker can be tilted to one of five preset angles to achieve the optimal performance for your listening position.

The ultimate centre speaker? McIntosh's XCS1.5K weighs 80kg, boasts 43 drivers

(Image credit: McIntosh)

Finishing touches include three sets of McIntosh Solid Cinch speaker binding posts for bi- or tri-wiring, a removable black-knit-cloth speaker grille and no fewer than "seven layers of high-gloss piano black paint".

And the price? A suitably-beefy £39,999 / $40,000 (around AU$69,000).

Assuming you don't have young children who like to draw on mum and dad's nice things, you can order the McIntosh XCS1.5K Center Channel Loudspeaker now from authorised McIntosh dealers. The first units are due to hit the US in October 2022, followed by the rest of the world shortly after.


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  • Friesiansam
    I assume this is aimed at the same kind of knob that might buy a near 2000bhp, £2,000,000 electric hypercar, because bigger numbers, must be better…

    Have always looked upon McIntosh products as being fine things but, this is just silly.
  • WayneKerr
    Only the super rich or super stupid need apply... ridiculous!
  • F8lee
    Hyperboly on the hoof, for sure.

    But then again, I see ads on TV about the Range Rover (I think) coming with McIntosh "reference" sound systems - now considering road noise and wind noise are impossible to eliminate at the very least, the notion of some ultra-mega-super-duper high fidelity sound system is just as dumb as this.

    But, for those with much more money than brains (and sadly I think that demographic is growing) this is just the thing! But...will it make "Real Housewives of whereever" a better show? I think not.
  • talaerts
    For ultimate home cinema, I would much rather go to JBL's professional cinema speakers. For example check out JBL 4253 or 4722N, designed for small-medium cinemas, and hide them behind a big projection screen. A very different caliber of speaker, and surprisingly affordable for what they are. They blow these things out of the window. McIntosh has some interesting products, and many which are just silly.
  • 12th Monkey
    talaerts said:
    They blow these things out of the window.
    Have you heard both?
  • montekay1
    Interesting! If the tweeter/mid-range portion is a CBT it should work pretty well. If however it's just a short straight unshaded line array then probably not so much. Either way, I much prefer my DIY open baffle CBT line array center speaker over this.
  • talaerts
    I heard the 4722N (I think) at a trade show, not the McIntosh. The pro JBL cinema speakers may not be "jewels" like the McIntosh yet it would be the choice for even high end cinemas.

    This being said, it is a more sensible McIntosh product than their expensive cable drawer...