Teufel RearStation 4
New wireless stereo sender/receiver system can also be used for multiroom audio systems

The latest arrival from Berlin-based direct-sell speaker manufacturer Teufel could well prove just the thing for those wanting to run home cinema systems without wires around the room to the rear speakers.

The £269 RearStation 4 package comprises a wireless transmitter and receiver, with stereo line inputs on the sender and 2x30W amplification in the receiver.

The two can operate over a range of up to 20m, making it possible to run wireless rear speakers in even very large rooms.

In addition, the package can also function as a multiroom system, for example connecting to the tape outputs on an amplifier or AV receiver, or the dedicated Zone 2 outputs on a receiver, to drive an extra pair of speakers in another room.

Extra receiver/amplifier units are available for £179 each, and up to three receivers can be used with a single sender.

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As with all Teufel products, the RearStation 4 is only available online from Teufel's website, and comes with the company's eight-week 'money back if not satisfied' offer, and a two-year guarantee.Follow whathifi.com on Twitter Join whathifi.com on Facebook