Tesla update adds Disney+ to its in-car entertainment

Tesla update adds Disney+ streaming to its in-car entertainment offering
(Image credit: Tesla)

Wondering how to watch Disney's newly released Jungle Cruise? How about in your Tesla?

The electric car maker has now added the Disney+ video streaming service to its in-car entertainment offering with a new software update. That means you can watch Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Emily Blunt, and the rest of the cast set sail on the adventure of a lifetime, all from the dashboard of your fancy 'leccy motor.

You can watch via Tesla's Theatre Mode, which already offers Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Twitch. This mode doesn't work while driving for obvious safety reasons, so you'll have to watch while parked, recharging, or just hiding out in your car.

Tesla update adds Disney+ streaming to its in-car entertainment offering

(Image credit: Emulsifide/Reddit)

A user by the name of Emulsifide uploaded pics of the update (known only as '2021.24') to Reddit (spotted by Engadget).

Other features within the update include a carwash mode (which seals the car to stop any water damage), dash cam autosave, auto-dimming for mirrors, more battery info, WiFi connection in drive, and language support for Russian, Romanian and Hungarian.

Disney+ already has over 100 million subscribers just over 18 months after launching. That's already half of market leader Netflix's grand total. Considering it originally hoped to reach 90 million within four years, that's quite some feat. It now plans to reach between 230 million and 260 million users by 2024.


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