TCL's Display Week 2024 announcements include the world's fastest screen and a possible solution for LCD's biggest issue

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We've already covered LG Display's latest innovations at Display Week 2024, but now it's TCL's time to take the spotlight. TCL CSOT – the brand's display development and manufacturing division – has shown off a handful of new display innovations.

It's worth noting that most of these technologies are currently being shown on laptops and gaming monitors. However, considering that TCL provides displays for a host of notable brands including Samsung, Sony and Panasonic, we could see these innovations come to larger screens in the future.

Among these is the world's first QD-EL display, which was created using the company's inkjet printing manufacturing process that's poised to reduce manufacturing costs significantly. We covered this display technology, which is sometimes known as NanoLED, in September of last year – however, this is TCL's first attempt at using the new panel tech. 

It's currently being shown in a 16-inch laptop, with a 2.8K resolution and a variable refresh rate of 30Hz to 120Hz. As pointed out by FlatpanelsHD, this could be the next step in high-end display evolution that could one day succeed OLED, but due to concerns with the limited longevity of blue QLEDs, there are some hurdles preventing this technology from becoming mainstream quite yet. 

TCL has also shown off the world's first 1000Hz display, which is an exponential increase over the current offerings of TVs and gaming displays on the market. For reference, most 2024 TVs have just cracked native 144Hz support (exclusively for PC gaming, consoles are limited to 120Hz), while mainstream gaming monitors can range from 120Hz to a staggering 540Hz. 

Unfortunately, current display cable specifications cannot handle refresh rates this high, meaning a new interface standard that surpasses the bandwidth capabilities of HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2.1 will be required for this screen technology to become a reality. It also goes without saying that we don't expect 1000Hz TVs any time in the near future, but as TVs catch up with gaming monitors, we certainly wouldn't rule out TVs with higher refresh rate displays becoming a reality in the coming years.

Thankfully, not all of the display developments on show were exclusive to monitors and laptop screens. TCL CSOT also unveiled an 85-inch TV that aims to eliminate a major issue with LCD TVs – limited viewing angles. 

It features super wide-angle HVA (WHVA) technology which TCL CSOT claims will deliver consistent picture quality across a 178-degree viewing angle. It has paired this with a low reflection rate of 1.4 per cent, meaning viewing quality should (hypothetically) be excellent from all angles.


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