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We've got a great subscription offer for you this month: subscribe now and you'll save more than £45 on 13 issues.

You can choose between a magazine-only offer – £48.60 for 13 issues – or for just £5.50 more get the iPad/iPhone edition on Apple iTunes as well.

Subscribe to the magazine and you'll get free delivery to your home, never miss an issue and qualify for exclusive subscriber-only offers and discounts.

Pay £54.10 and you'll be able to access the digital issue wherever you are in the world, on your iPhone or iPad. The iTunes edition includes pop-up videos, simple tap navigation to take you to different parts of the magazine and zoom and pinch to make reading easier.

Click on this link for our latest subscription offers. And if you're a non-Apple user, you can also download the digital issue on Zinio.

By Andy Clough

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