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Spotify to launch free mobile service

Spotify Mobile Free

Spotify is set to launch a free model of the Spotify Mobile app, allowing you to access the music streaming app on phones, tablets and potentially AV devices, without a subscription.

Currently, Spotify Mobile is only available to Spotify Premium subscribers that pay £9.99 per month. On desktop and laptop there is a Free ad-supported option and an Unlimited option at £4.99. Now it seems the Free model could be going mobile.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Spotify has tied-up deals with three key record labels after finalising exactly what free users will be able to access on mobile.

A free Spotify Mobile option is likely to be more limited than existing plans, perhaps by the number of tracks users can listen to over a period of time.

As well as giving users a free option for accessing Spotify on phones and tablets, the move could also mean that Spotify on other devices, such as AV receivers, set-top boxes and wireless speakers, could be usable for free.

The Spotify app is on products including the Now TV Box, Denon AV receivers and Bang & Olufsen TVs.

Spotify has also recently announed Spotify Connect, which embeds the music streaming service inside compatible products, with your phone or tablet merely acting as a remote control rather than the source. Yamaha and Pioneer have confirmed Spotify Connect devices.

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by Joe Cox

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