spendor a5a6
New models draw on the technology of the SA1 standmounters, and are in the shops from today

British speaker company Spendor  is building on the acclaimed SA1 standmounter with the announcement of two new floorstanding models, the A5 and A6. Their drive units are based on technology developed for the SA1, and the company says the speakers deliver a "clear and natural mid-range and beautifully open treble".

The A5 speakers, which sell for £1495 a pair, stand 79cm tall and use a pair of 15cm drivers, one for midband and bass, the other purely for bass, and a 22m tweeter. The larger A6 design, at 87.5cm tall, uses a single 18cm driver and a 29mm tweeter.

Spendor says the woofers use a magnesium alloy chassis, and have excellent power-handling and low coloration, while the 'wide-surround' tweeters combine extended the frequency response of a small driver with the low-frequency characteristics of a larger design, giving better response and integration.

The cabinet design, which uses minimal damping and a linear flow port, is said to give "an unrivalled ability to deliver deep articulate bass, in almost any listening room."

Rather than heavy, mass-damped panels, the enclosure uses 'Dynamic Damping', in which small low mass constrained dampers are used at key energy interface points. The result, the company says, is "a naturally fast and engaging sound".

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The speakers are available in a choice of natural veneers - light oak, wenge, cherry and black ash, with the stabilising plinth finished in black satin lacquer. The speakers are in the shops from today.