Sony PS3
Sony has seen sales of its PS3 and PSP consoles decline sharply

Sony has posted poor results for its gaming division in the last quarter of 2008, with a big drop in sales of its PS3 and PSP consoles.

In the three months to December 31st 2008, Sony sold 4.46 million PS3s, down 440,000 on the same period the year before.

PSP sales were 5.08 million, a drop of 680,000 units, while the PS2 suffered the biggest drop, selling 2.52 million units – down from 2.88 million in 2007.

Total sales at its games division for the final quarter were YEN 393.8bn, down 32.2 per cent on the same period in 2007.

PS3 software sales increased, but software sales on both PSP and PS2 fell.

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Sony's overall results were also down for the final quarter, with sales dropping by 25 per cent and net income falling by 95 per cent.

The company now predicts it will post a net loss of YEN 150bn for its fiscal year ending on March 31st.