Sonos has raised prices on some of its speakers

Sonos has raised prices on some of its speakers
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Sonos has raised the price of some of its most popular speakers. The rise varies by product and country – for example the Roam portable speaker is now £20 ($10, AU$20) more, while the Sub subwoofer has had a price hike of £149 ($50, AU$100).

Sonos made the announcement in its earnings call (via The Verge). In a statement, it said it is always assessing market dynamics, "including demand, supply chain, component costs and the competitive landscape". Which suggests the chip shortage could have something to do with it.

The chip shortage has also been blamed for the short supply of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, as well as a potential shortage of the iPhone 13 when it launches.

Below are the affected products, along with their price increase and new price. It's like a sale in reverse.

  • Sonos Arc: was £799, ($799, AU$1399); now £899 ($899, AU$1499); increase £100 ($100, AU$100)
  • Sonos Sub: was £600 ($699, AU$999); now £749 ($749, AU$1099); increase £149 ($50, AU$100)
  • Sonos Amp: was £599 ($599, AU$999); now £699 ($699, AU$1099); increase £100 ($100, AU$100)
  • Sonos One: was £179 ($199, AU$299); now £199 ($219, AU$319); increase £20 ($20, AU$20)
  • Sonos One SL: was £149 ($149, AU$269); now £179 ($199, AU$289); Increase £30 ($50, AU$30)
  • Sonos Five: was £499 ($499, AU$749); now £499 ($549, AU$799); increase £0 ($50, AU$50)
  • Sonos Roam: was £159 ($169, AU$279); now £179 ($179, AU$299); increase £20 ($10, AU$20)

The prices of the Sonos Move, Port and Boost remain unchanged.

The price increases kicked in yesterday. You might still find a deal from some retailers though – check out the best Sonos deals to see what's available.


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  • Hifiman
    Confusing that the 2 products with both the greatest absolute and proportional rises are the 2 that I think found it difficult to justify even their original prices, namely the Sub (is it really needed?) and the Arc ( is it really twice as good as a Beam?).