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Sonos has launched a new version of its 5.3 controller app, bringing faster access to all your rooms, a redesigned layout and more. After a beta release last month on Android, it's now available on Android and iOS for all users.

The Sonos 5.3 update came after the company admitted that, while many people liked the previous redesign, "we also heard from many of you that we made some things worse".

The latest version aims to make it easier to move your music between rooms, improve the layout of the tablet app and give greater prominence to some smaller features that were tucked away in the previous release.

New for this update is "a more accessible rooms menu", available at the top of any screen, a larger track progression bar so you can more easily scroll through a track and a better position for the shuffle and crossfade buttons.

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Sonos logs the "main improvements" in the new app as follows: 

  • A faster way to manage all the rooms in your home: Effortlessly move your music around your home with a more accessible rooms menu, now available by tapping the top of any screen in the Sonos app.
  • Improvements to the tablet app: New dedicated screens for what’s playing and music discovery on iOS and Android tablets makes toggling between screens more intuitive.
  • Quickly switch between screens: Using your phone, swipe left to right to open the music menu. Swipe up to go straight back to what’s playing.
  • Want to hear that verse again? The track progression bar is back in your now playing screen, just below the album art. Drag it to whatever point in the song you want to play.
  • Easier to mix it up: Shuffle mode and crossfade are back where they belong. From the now playing screen, simply press the info button.

You can see for yourself by downloading Sonos 5.3 on any Android or iOS device.

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Graham Luke's picture


The Sonos app is already excellent in my opinion; a perfect match to a superb sound system.

That Sonos is planning to improve it is just great. Indeed their commitment to their product is exemplary; look at the recent update for the Playbar.

Despite the Playbar having been available for months, they sought to improve the sound from it. You can't ask any more than that, can you?

Will their so-called 'competitors' do the same?


Warren Davies's picture

Still no access to Spotify

Still no access to Spotify 'My Music' section though.

The_Lhc's picture

That's down to Spotify to

That's down to Spotify to provide and apparently they're not particularly interested since Sonos turned down Spotify Connect.