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Sonixx adopts swipe controls for its X-Touch Bluetooth headphones

Sonnix X-Touch

It's not the first to do it, but British headphone brand Sonixx has adopted swipe controls for its latest range of sub-£100 Bluetooth cans.

Instead of having to fumble for the in-line controls on the cable, the Sonixx X-Touch headphones incorporate touch gesture controls on one side. An upward swipe of your finger increases the volume; a downward swipe lowers it.

And, as you might expect, a forward swipe skips to the next track, while a backward swipe plays the previous one. In addition to the swipe controls, a single, multi-function button does the rest. Press it to power the headphones on or off, pair with a new device or pause music during playback.

The headphones themselves are a lightweight, over-ear design with pivoted, cushioned earpads and an adjustable, padded headband. A mic is included for hands-free calls from your mobile.

The X-Touch will sync with any Bluetooth device and can be charged via the supplied USB cable. The built-in battery is said to give up to three hours' playback on a full charge. There's also a tangle-free cable if you need a wired connection when the battery runs out.

You'll be able to buy the Sonnix X-Touch headphones from November in a choice of colours – blue, red, white or black – for £80.

By Andy Clough

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