SMS Audio assembles a new Avengers range of headphones

We're not expecting these cans to provide superhuman powers, but at least you can show your support for your favourite character by wearing them. Currently, you can choose from Iron Man, Black Widow or Captain America-inspired designs, each featuring "3D embellishments with texturised branding on the ear caps". There's no sign of Hawkeye, Thor or the Hulk, but we assume these are in the pipeline. Everyone loves the Hulk, right?

The Iron Man design features a red cushioned headband and a copy of his Arc Reactor on each of the gold ear cups. On the Black Widow pair, her trademark symbol sits on on each ear cup with the red ear cushions and headband acting as a little nod to the colour of her hair.

Finally, the Captain America cans are finished to match our hero's uniform. They're predominantly royal blue, with the earcups modelled and coloured to match the Captain's shield.

All three designs are foldable and sweat/water resistant. They also feature a removable headphone cord, while each pair of headphones also comes with its own branded carry case.

Pricing will be $99 in the US with the UK equivalent still to be confirmed.

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Andy Madden

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