Skullcandy Mod wireless earbuds offer multipoint support on the cheap

Skullcandy Mod wireless earbuds offer multipoint support on the cheap
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Skullcandy's Mod wireless earbuds could be its best yet in terms of spec-per-buck. Not only do they pack a high degree of weather resistance, USB-C charging and a long battery life, but they also have multipoint support – a feature usually seen only on much more expensive headphones.

Multipoint lets you pair wirelessly with more than one device at a time, and switch seamlessly between them. So if you are listening to music from your laptop and get a call on your phone, the headphones will realise and switch to the call automatically.

This is a feature of premium offerings such as the Sony WH-1000XM5, but it's not usually seen on in-ears costing the Mod's $60 (international pricing is still TBC).

The Mod are rated IP55, which means they are protected against dust ingress (though they are not completely dust-tight) and can withstand intense spraying with water. Again, this is better than most headphones at the same price.

Battery life is impressive, too, with a claimed seven hours of use from the buds backed up by another 27 hours from the case, making for a total of 34 hours of runtime before a charge from a wall socket is required. That's no match for the 45 hours from the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus package, perhaps, but it's still impressive given the Mod are less than half the price.

Bluetooth 5.2 comes as standard, and the design is a lot more muted than some of Skullcandy's more audacious offerings. All of which gets a thumbs up from us.


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