September 2009 issue on sale now

And as if that's not enough, we've got a staggering competition prize from Samsung: a 55in high-definition TV and wireless Blu-ray system, plus 15 Blu-ray discs and a multimedia portable, together worth in excess of £4000.

Of course, we haven't forgotten our hi-fi supporters, so feast your eyes on our Group Test of £700-£770 stereo amps, with contenders from Marantz and Rotel taking on established favourites from Naim and Roksan.

High-end hi-fi
And for vinyl lovers we've tested the wonderful Townshend Rock 7 turntable in our Temptations section, along with the Eclipse TD712z Mk2 speakers and a mighty fine Bryston pre/power combination, now used in our reference hi-fi system.

Coming back down to earth, our multichannel receivers Group Test looks at new models in the £450-£550 category, with Denon's keenly-awaited AVR-1910 pitched against new models from Pioneer and Yamaha, plus (relative) old-timers from Onkyo and Sony.

Pick one of those AV receivers and you'll need a high-quality speaker package to go with it. We can help you there too, with our test of £900-£1000 style speaker packages from Audica, B&W, KEF andMonitor Audio.

Second-room TVs
As for TVs, we've gone small for once this month, with a roundup of the best 26in LCDs from Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and Toshiba – ideal for the bedroom or kitchen.

Want more? Well how about our feature on the best music download sites, including iTunes and Spotify, plus our Playlist of this month's hot CDs, movies and games. Or a roundup of eight in-ear headphones from £50.

Our regular Forum visitors won't want to miss our 'Big Question' feature in which we ask three readers: "How much difference do cables make – and are they worth it?" Light the fuse and run...

First Tests galore
And last, but by no means least, no issue of the world's No.1 home entertainment magazine would be complete without 19 First Tests, including exclusive reviews of Wharfedale's Diamond 10.1 speakers, Cyrus's 6XP amp, the Technisat HDFS Freesat receiver, a new Sonos music server bundle and Samsung's 8000 Series 46in LCD/LED TV. Oh, and our verdict on the Apple iPhone 3G S.

You'll find all this and more in the September 2009 issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, on sale today, July 29th. And don't forget to check our video reviews and podcasts on