Save $150 on Toshiba's latest Fire TV with hands-free Alexa commands

Get $150 off Toshiba's latest TV with hands-free Alexa commands
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Toshiba has launched a new Fire TV set, and this one aims to go toe-to-toe with Amazon's finest own-brand offering. 

Just like Amazon's Omni TVs, the Toshiba M550 Series TV runs Amazon's Fire TV operating system complete with hands-free Alexa onboard – that means Alexa is always listening for your commands, so you don't need to hold down a button to prick up the digital assistant's ears. Just say "Alexa, volume up" or similar and it'll do your bidding.

The Toshiba M550 uses LED screen tech with a 4K resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos come as standard, while a picture-in-picture mode shows live video feeds from your smart doorbells and security cameras. 

The TV is available to buy now at Best Buy, where it currently has $150 off. That brings the price down to $649, and the retailer will throw in a free Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for good measure.

Toshiba M550$799$649 at Best Buy (save $150)

Toshiba M550 $799 $649 at Best Buy (save $150)
Tosh's latest 55in TV has hands-free Alexa skills, and along with the $150 discount, Best Buy will give you a free Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) into the bargain.

Even on the deal, the M550 is still more expensive than Amazon's 55-inch Omni TV, which costs $559 (though it's currently available at $419). The M550 TV will also be available from Amazon this month.

The 65-inch model will cost $1000 and the 75-inch set is $1200 – again, these are more expensive than Amazon's equivalent Omni TVs at those sizes.


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