Samsung’s making loads more small QD-OLED panels, but they’re not destined for TVs

Samsung Display QD-OLED schematic breakdown with various layers
(Image credit: Samsung Display)

Samsung Display has announced it has begun mass-producing the smallest iteration of its excellent QD-OLED screen technology to date.

It will begin supplying 32-inch (technically 31.5-inch) and 27-inch QD-OLED panels to a variety of companies that produce gaming monitors. 

Specifically, Samsung is set to supply these panels to Asus, Dell and MSI, who have all previously announced monitors using the screen technology to be released in 2024. These 4K panels will adorn a selection of high-end monitors from the brands, with both flat and curved options announced. 

The 32-inch models will feature 4K panels with a pixel density of 140ppi, which Samsung says is equivalent to a 65-inch 8K TV (via FlatpanelsHD). That certainly sounds appealing, and something we'd like to see in a TV format. 

Sadly, despite our strongly worded letter to Santa, there are currently no official plans to use any of the new panels for compact QD-OLED TVs. However, that may change in January at the CES 2024 where Samsung is expected to detail its TV plans for the year.

For now, it looks like we can only fantasise about a 42- or 48-inch Sony A95L or Samsung S95C. As a side note, frustratingly, Samsung also already ships QD-OLED panels in 34- and 49-inch sizes; but to date, they also haven't been used to make TVs. 

Samsung Display has traditionally differentiated QD-OLED panels for use in TVs and monitors. The strategy dictates panels 55 inches or larger as being designed for use in premium TVs, which it markets as being "the future of entertainment". Meanwhile, the smaller 27- to 49-inch range are for performance monitors with "gamers who demand the best" in mind. 

While we were already aware of the existence of these panels, Samsung Display highlights how the increased production will impact the market. It's set to exceed double the number of shipments of 27- and 32-inch QD-OLED panels in 2024, compared to 2023. 


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