Samsung tightens its grip on the US flatpanel TV market

Latest sales figures from the US show Korean companies LG and Samsung dominating the flatpanel TV market there, with Samsung way ahead of its rivals in all sectors.

Together the two companies accounted for 45.9% of the total flatscreen market in States in the first five months of the year, according to figures from market research company NPD, and while that's down marginally year on year, Samsung is by far the biggest seller over there.

In May, it had a flatpanel market share of 36.2%, building on its five-month total of 35%.

That puts it way ahead of second-place LG, which edged Sony into third position in April and May, taking a May share of 10.8% compared to Sony's 10.6%.

On the January-May figures Sony is still in runner-up spot, however, with 12.7% overall against LG's 10.9%. Behind them come Panasonic (9.3%), Sharp (5.7%), Toshiba (4.7%) and Visio (3%).

The scale of Samsung's lead in the States is emphasised when you look at its shares in the various sectors of the flatscreen market: it sold 34.5% of all LCD TVs shipped in the States in May, 44.1% of all plasmas, 47.1% of smart TVs and 58.4% of all 3D TVs.

Together, LG and Samsung accounted for 61.5% of the total US 3D market in May, and active-shutter TVs continue to dominate, with an 86.5% share split across Samsung, Sony and Panasonic.

But LG's film-type patterned retarder passive 3D TV technology is gaining ground: in May, it had a 7.8% market share, getting on for double the passive TV share in the same month last year.

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