Samsung Galaxy S22 prices leak points to a hike for all three models

Samsung Galaxy S22 prices leak, expect to pay more
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The Samsung Galaxy S22 prices have leaked, and they're looking pricier than the S21. That's according to a tweet from @TheGalox (via Toms Guide).

The entry-level S22 will reportedly carry a starting price of $849 (around £630, AU$1150), the S22 Plus $1049 (around £780, AU$1425) and the S22 Ultra $1249 (around £930, AU$1700). That would make the S22 and S22 Plus $50 more than the S21 equivalents, and the S22 Ultra $100 more.

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You will get extra bang for your buck, however. As well as new features and upgraded specs, the S22 Plus and Ultra are expected to come with 256GB of storage as standard (up from 128GB on their S21 equivalents).

This price hike could be down to the global chip shortage, which is increasing costs for manufacturers everywhere. It's not just smartphones that are affected – all kinds of consumer goods are, including games consoles, computers, and even cars.

The S22 Ultra also looks like it could take the place of the Galaxy Note phone. A recent leak showed it with a square-cornered screen, which could make space for a built-in S Pen stylus holder. This suggests it could fill the gap left by the Note range (Samsung hasn't confirmed it has discontinued the Note, but it didn't release a new model this year).

All three S22 models are expected to be smaller than their predecessors. The S22 is rumoured to measure 6.1 inches (down from 6.2), the S22 Plus 6.5 inches (down from 6.7), and the S22 Ultra 6.8 (down from 6.9).

So, smaller screens for more money. Sound like a good deal to you? The official announcement is expected early next year – we'll bring you all the rumours and leaks before then.


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