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Samsung Galaxy S21 release date leaked by noted tipster – and it's soon

samsung Galaxy S21 render
(Image credit: Steve Hemmerstoffer)

We may have an actual date for the release of Samsung's next flagship S-line Galaxy S21 smartphones, and if the leak is true, Samsung clearly can't wait until March to show us the new handsets.

Rumours suggesting Samsung wasn't far off announcing a whole new new Galaxy have been circulating for a little while now. Add to these a WinFuture exclusive claiming that Samsung's new Galaxy S21 lineup has actually been in production since last week, and even a new Samsung trademark filing for the Galaxy Buds Beyond (ie. the possible wireless headphones to be bundled with preorders of the new phones) and the cogs do seem to be in motion, pandemic or no pandemic. 

Now, tech analyst and oft-reliable tipster Jon Prosser has leaked some cold hard dates for the new Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra devices, in the tweet below. 

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So, if Prosser's sources are right, that's an announcement and pre-orders on 14th January 2021 (a good time to bag a pair of those new headphones, perhaps), and an official launch on 19th January 2021. He also predicts the phones will be available in six colour options: Black, White, Grey, Silver, Violet and Pink.

Of course, it's still too soon to glean any detailed specs of the S21 lineup, but we can almost certainly expect a steady stream of leaks in the run up to Black Friday and before the Holiday season. 

Samsung's next flagship phone is likely come with Qualcomm's newest (and as yet unreleased) Snapdragon 875 chipset, and we'd hope to see a camera setup to better that of the Galaxy S20 – but of course, we'll have to bide our time and keep doing our homework on it. 

For now, we wait... 


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